Name: Connor Rossi Thomsonconnor thomson mallory park 2017

Date of Birth: June 2002

From: Surrey

Races in: Santander Consumer Fiannce KTM British Junior Cup

Bike: KTM 390


Connors first outing on a race track was on a borrowed Minimoto at the end of 2009, when he went to have a go on a friends Minimoto during practice at the final round of the Sussex Minimoto Championship, he really enjoyed it and looked at home on the bike, so was entered into the race meeting, in which he had three 2nd Place finishes and a 3rd in the final. During 2014 he joined the Aprilia Superteen series before completing a full season in 2015, finishing 4th. In 2016 the intention was to race for the championship in the Aprilia Superteens, but an opportunity presented itself for Connor to switch to a KTM 390. Therefore in 2016, having missed the first two rounds, he switched to the KTM 390 and promptly secured three podium finishes in his first round. He took two more podiums during the season finishing with two race victories.

Racing Highlights:

2016 – 7th Santander Consumer Finance KTM British Junior Cup. (6 out of 8 rounds. Two race wins)

2015 – 6th Aprilia Superteen Thundersport including 4 podium finishes.

2015 – 4th Nitro Newcomers Aprilia Superteen series including 10 podium finishes.

2015 – 5th Formula 125 NGRRC (competed in 4 out of 13 rounds with 4 podium finishes)

2014 – 12th Nitro Newcomers Aprilia Superteens (competed in 4 out of 9 rounds)

2013 – 2nd NMRRC Junior Production Championship (competed in 3 out of 9 rounds)

2013 – 4th 4.2B FAB British Minimoto Championship (competed in 5 out of 8 rounds)

2013 – 8th FAB British Junior Production Minimoto Championship (competed in 6 out of 8 rounds)

2013 – 12th FAB British Mini GP50 (competed in 2 out of 8 rounds)

2012 – 2nd 4.2 Sussex Minimoto Championship (competed in 4 out of 9 rounds)

2012 – 18th 4.2 FAB British Minimoto Championship (competed in 2 out of 8 rounds)

2011 – 2nd 4.2 Sussex Minimoto Championship (competed in 5 out of 9 rounds)

2010 – 3rd 4.2 Sussex Minimoto Championship (competed in 6 out of 9 rounds)

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