Testing the Aprilia RRV450R at Donington Park

Testing the Aprilia RRV450R at Donington Park

Connor Thomson was testing the new Aprilia RRV450R today at the Donington Park circuit. He completed five sessions at the track throughout the day. The first three sessions saw Connor running in the engine which prohibited him exceeding 6,500 revs. During the last session Connor rode initially with another rider, who was on an Aprilia RS125 as the two types of bikes will be running together in the Aprilia Superteen series next year. Towards the end of the final session he got to run on his own, and it was then he began to achieve the positive lap times he hoped for on the new Aprilia.

Connor Thomson,”The new bike was amazing, it has so much more torque. It feels like a much better bike, I love it.”


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